Coupons Book

Dear Bryan School Families,
We are thrilled to announce that last year’s SupportACircle coupon book fundraiser was a huge

success. We can’t wait to see the Bryan School families save lots of money again this year!

We are sending one SupportACircle coupon book home with the youngest child in each family this week. Please check your child’s backpack for a blue plastic bag and browse through the incredible savings inside the new SupportACircle book!

The SupportACircle coupon book was created in Bergen County, specifically for the Bergen County schools to fundraise with. It’s packed with amazing savings, provided by both national & neighborhood businesses, that we know Bergen County parents (like you) will love.

For $25, you get to keep the SupportACircle coupon book which provides you with 2 great ways to save. In addition to the valuable paper coupons in the book, you also receive free 1-year access to a collection of mobile coupons you can conveniently redeem right from your phone. Ready to save? Simply show a digital coupon on your phone to the cashier at checkout. Enjoy the savings in the book, and savings on your phone, all while supporting our school’s fundraiser!

If you would like to keep the coupon book and support this fundraiser, please enclose $25 in the included envelope and send it back to school with your child. Our school earns $15 (that’s 60%) for each coupon book sold, so if you are looking for a fundraiser to support – this is it!

You can order additional books for your family, friends and coworkers by filling out the order-form on the envelope, and if you purchase or sell 4 books, you get 1 free!

Remember, be on the lookout for the blue plastic bag in your child’s backpack this week!

Brenda Jamieson –

Caroline wein

P.S. If you don’t want to enjoy great savings, or support our school’s fundraiser– please leave the coupon book in your child’s backpack and we will remove it at the end of our sale (October 6th) . We’d love to sell 1 book for each family at our school, so even if you don’t want the amazing savings – someone you know will love the gift and say “thanks”!